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Top 5 Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities in India During Covid-19


We all are aware of the severe and profound impact of the novel coronavirus. The fear of the virus has brought the global market to a standstill position. The pandemic takes hold across the world with reduced mobility and social distancing agenda. Almost all industries and societies are stuck in a situation of socio-economic upheaval and disruption on an unparalleled scale. Amidst the dwindling global trade due to Covid-19, some businesses have still made a way into the marketplace and ignited a new ray of light. They have led to a swift business graph and gained immense profitability in the crisis. At this point, these companies are offering an exciting, franchising opportunity for some budding new entrepreneurs. To overcome the trauma and uplift economic activity in the market,Best Franchise Business Opportunities in India is the key to progression.

Precisely, let's first understand the concept of franchising. In a franchise plan, a franchisee invests a definite sum in the franchisor's business. In return, the franchisor bestows the right to the franchisee to work under their brand name. Both benefits with the prospect causing enhanced sales, more earnings, and recognition. The investor has the liberty to do business independently under the well-established business model of the franchisor. Hence, to promote sales of their products and services, the franchisor assists as follows:

  • . 100% backing and administrative support
  • . Efficient training of staff
  • . Marketing and advertising
  • . Market share and brand awareness

Besides being beneficial, it seems quite logical to invest in a company that is going to yield huge profits. With the prime support of franchise business, the chances of survival also get doubled in the present scenario. We, at Franchisebouquet.com, also offer exclusive franchise business opportunities in India that you can explore when this lockdown is over. According to our extensive research, some promising ventures have used this worldwide lockdown to their advantage. Consequently, we look forward to calling your attention to a few successful franchising business plans. Hence, each franchise program listed below has some standard features

  • . Percentage of risk is low
  • . The Cost of investment is reasonable
  • . High returns are ensured
  • . Empowerment with strong goodwill
  • . Potential for higher growth

Here are some feasible franchise enterprises which provide space for success during the tough Covid-19 period.

1. Best Food Franchise Business in India

When life is locked down at home, people are more conscious of cooking delicious food. Amidst the circumstances, some people like senior citizens and bachelors are unable to cook food without the assistance of a domestic helper. Here we suggest home delivery services of good quality food to the households of needy people. We provide the association with a well-known food business model to meet the demands of the prospective consumers. A profound foodservice franchise is an ideal business plan as it comes at a low price.

2. Grocery Retail Franchise Opportunities in India

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus issue in the country, most of the people have switched to online grocery shopping. Business graphs of grocery business show a sudden rise as thousands of people preferring home delivery, curbside, and buy online pick up in-store. With a top retail franchise business, an entrepreneur will get the benefit of a team effort, brand recognition, and peer support. The grocery market is already experiencing record-breaking online sales. Here you are given a freeway to work for yourself and others in the coalition of well-recognized retail stores.

3. Education Franchise Opportunities in India

As a consequence of Covid-19, online education has come into the spotlight like never before. With educational institutions closed in about 107 countries, the educational sector has leaped to a leading position, making it of particular interest for the investors. Technology-based classrooms aren't new, but now it has become the prime necessity. We provide hi-tech educational business models that tend to deliver virtual learning, online degrees, online tutorial classes, after-school, adult learning apps, etc. It is the right time to join hands with an affordable educational franchise to make a profitable venture.

4. Medicine Franchise Opportunities in India

As already said that the spread of Covid-19 had created the most significant global health crisis. During the catastrophic period, the government is also concerned to enhance medical help. A Much larger medical organization stands firm in the battle against the virus. Despite various challenges and critical factors, a medical franchise can let you adapt and succeed ahead to restore life to the original position. You can associate with big firms involved in telehealth services, online delivery of medicines or health products.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, these best franchise business opportunities in India are just a few of the intriguing business plans. We aim to make the overall process of franchising as easy as possible. At the initial stage, keen entrepreneurs have to deposit a certain amount to gain the liberty of doing business under the chosen brand model. For evidence, an agreement would be signed between franchisee and franchisor. The contract defines the privileges, tenure, policies, and guidelines for the franchisee. Through these viable franchise business packages, you will not only expand your business but also provide essential services to consumers in need.

5. Best Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in India

The fashion and beauty salon retail franchise is a very fast-moving changing industry that offers very high-profit margins. The beauty salon industry is set to become the fifth-largest industry globally on the back of growing demand in this industry. Apart from apparel, the need for beauty salons, accessories, and lingerie is also rising among customers. Being the next massive global market in the fashion and beauty salon industry, especially apparel, India is attracting many notable international brands and encouraging new Indian ones. If you have an eye for beauty salon and business, you can invest in India's best beauty fashion retail franchise business opportunities.

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